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  • I fuck with this game so hard

    They did it perfectly imo. It reminds me of how I felt when I first played skyrim and I can't wait to do multiple playthroughs I just started played this two days ago btw so if I'm jumping the gun don't spoil it for me lol submitted by /u/ohshityoufoundme [link] [comments]

  • Justice for Tobbs

    ** spoilers for plight of a house elf ** I can’t believe that I had to go into that cave and fight that huge ass spider just to discover Tobbs died?!?!?! I need a revenge arc for that quest asap. submitted by /u/blossom-wild [link] [comments]

  • Possible Secret/Scrapped Puzzle in Marmaduke's Tomb

    Anybody else notice how there are vines holding flaming cauldrons next to symbols on the walls in one room of the tomb, and then those same symbols appear on the floor in the corridor that leads out of it? It's a very odd and clearly intentional design choice, it makes me wonder if it was part of a scrapped puzzle or something no one has figured out yet. submitted by /u/account_name4 [link] [comments]

  • Poppy Sweeting 🙂

    I love her so much! Shes so cute and caring and has an amazing voice 🙂 submitted by /u/DefiantCap1804 [link] [comments]

  • Love hate relationship with the game

    I finally got the game on my xbox one a week after it was released. I have now ‘finished’ the game but only at 70% of challenges. I played it over the weekend I bought it, and every chance I got since, including a couple of nights that I called out of work from the next day lol. But overall I have about 50 odd hours of play time, which is probably more than I’ve had from my console in the past 8 yrs overall 😬 And while I did find the game way too easy even for me, and very glitchy of sorts at times , I think it took me back to my school days couple of decades ago where I hogged my 8-bit console for super mario and contra and spartan x and the likes. I’m so glad that they made this game, I liked it far more than EA games’ PC HP 1 and 2. Coming to the game itself, I liked it overall. The story baseline was okay, but the lack of consequences of choices or actions sucked. I didn’t look up anything about the game until past the first trial , which is when I wanted to confirm that whatever we select in dialogues it didn’t make a difference. Which even as a newbie I think is terrible. I really wish though that we’d had a little more choice/consequences of it in terms of what we do with the power obtained. But everything else about it, I loved and will do additional play throughs in various houses and other difficulty levels until 🤞🏾 the next sequel comes out. I sincerely hope, like someone else mentioned, the social media team looks at this thread and values the ideas/feedback given by folks here. Until the next one comes out! (which after a billion dollars I think it sure will!) submitted by /u/its_a_new_start [link] [comments]